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Linqto Learn : Crypto Security - How to Protect your Digital Assets

As cryptocurrency ownership rises, cyber security knowledge should as well

Linqto Learn : The Only Woman In The Room

This Linqto Learn is here to understand the underrepresentation of women and the challenges faced by women in the tech industry.

Linqto Learn : The Future of Music is Decentralized

Blockchain is finally gearing up to shake the traditional music industry.

Linqto Learn: NFTs, DeFi, & The Metaverse

Where are we and where are we going

Linqto Learn: Crypto Gaming

The on-ramp to crypto mass adoption

Linqto Learn: The Next Phase of Digitization

Decentralized real estate, media and communication

Linqto Learn: Crypto 101

What is it? How would I get started?

Linqto Learn: XRP Be Your Own Bank

With Jennifer Arcuri

Linqto Learn: Digitizing All Things

With Emin Gun Sirer From Ava Labs

Using DAOs to Develop Therapeutic Drugs

With Dr. Gennaro D'Urso, Chairman & CEO of Genetic Networks and Dr. Leland Hartwell, Co-Founder & Science Advisor of Genetic Networks

The Evolution of Stablecoins & XRP

With Mark Kurtz, Managing Partner of TxCAdvisors.

Investment Opportunities In This “New Space”

With Dr. Victor Aguero, the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Cambrian Works.



Linqto's live and virtual quarterly Global Investor Conference (GIC) provides our clients and guests with a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends in private equity and venture investments. The GIC is truly global, typically featuring diverse viewpoints from Europe, the Americas, and APAC throughout the course of the event.

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