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Linqto is unique in its mission to build a community of like-minded investors, bridging the gap between the investment platform and education.

It is to that mission that we provide numerous opportunities for our community of investors to connect, be educated, and hear from some of the most successful executives and companies in the world through articles, podcast, and events.

If you are interested in speaking at an upcoming Linqto event or podcast click on the link below

Global Investor Conference

Quarterly Global Investor Event

Linqto’s quarterly Global Investor Conference (GIC) offers insights into the world of investing through interviews and panel discussions among thought leaders and technical specialists across a wide spectrum. Each GIC is typically an all-day event with over 900 registered attendees from around the world.  In numerous thirty-minute sessions throughout the day, small groups of seasoned executives and accomplished investors share their experience and vision on current trends in their industrial sector.

Linqto Learn

Monthly Zoom Meeting

Linqto Learn is a monthly educational event geared towards our community of accredited investors who love discussing & learning about investing trends among peers. Knowing that we grow far more together than apart, Linqto is dedicated to presenting guest speakers who challenge our perceptions of the asset classes we know, & introduce us to new and emerging classes that we've yet to explore. Previous guests have spoken about the Gaming Industry, Defi, Blockchain, Crypto, Digital Wallets, & NeoBanks.

Global Investor Podcast

Linqto's Topical Talk Show

Hosted by Linqto's Chief Strategy Officer Karim Nurani, The Global Investor Podcast is explicitly designed for accredited investors and members of the Linqto community. Each episode is an opportunity to stay informed, hear from like-minded individuals, and learn from successful business executives.  Listeners take this educational and engaging journey to find some of the most passionate entrepreneurs and interesting pre-IPO companies from around the globe.

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Linqto's live and virtual quarterly Global Investor Conference (GIC) provides our clients and guests with a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends in private equity and venture investments. The GIC is truly global, typically featuring diverse viewpoints from Europe, the Americas, and APAC throughout the course of the event.

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May 18th to 19th
Lisbon, Portugal
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